Admission Procedures of Cruwys Cherubs

Contact: Mrs Jean Cruwys, 147 Hillbury Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9TG
Telephone: 01883 623101 or via Nursery School: 0208 763 3630

There is a £30 booking fee, for which your child will receive a Nursery sweatshirt and school bag on commencement. Fees are paid termly or half-termly in advance, by the first week of term. A minimum of half a terms notice is required upon your child leaving the school.

Fees are calculated on a 33 week school year split equally between three terms which unfortunately are invariably of unequal length due to the date of Easter. Term dates will be provided in advance. Refunds of fees due to illness, personal holidays and bank holidays are not possible since the rent, insurance, etc. are all based on the number of places being filled. We will however be as flexible as possible with long term absences. Regretfully there will be no refunds for unforeseen closures.

We will endeavour not to increase the nursery school fees unless absolutely necessary; however if circumstances require, any increases will be made in September and you will be notified the previous July. Hopefully this will never be more than 5%.  

Milk or Water with biscuits and fruit or other healthy options will be provided at snack time. Please ensure that all lunch boxes are clearly named to help protect children with allergies. Children will only have access to lunch boxes at Lunchtime. Please can children wear soft shoes and clothes that they can easily manage themselves, making sure that they are clearly labelled with their name. Children will need to bring daily clothing appropriate to the weather to use outdoors (e.g.  welly boots/sunhats, etc).

Please do not bring your child to Nursery when he/she is unwell. In the case of diarrhoea or sickness children must be clear of symptoms for at least 48 hours before returning. Written permission and instructions are required in order for us to administer medication to your child. The medication should be given to a member of staff on arrival at Nursery.

We are very safety conscious but should an accident occur it will be recorded and you will be informed.

It is very stressful for your child to be collected late so please contact the Nursery if you are going to be delayed. Frequent lateness may incur a charge. If someone different is to collect your child, please ensure that you inform one of the staff; if you do not, we will keep your child until we make contact with the parent/guardian.

Prior to admission you are encouraged to visit with your child as often as you feel necessary.

Please fully complete the admission form as the information requested is required by law  We have always taken photographs of Cherubs children to record activities and development in school and on outings, more recently also for OFSTED. It has been a regular feature of the Christmas and Summer shows that Paul from Surrey Video Services produces a DVD – some parents take their own.  The question of permission may arise under the Data Protection Act and to resolve this please write to Mrs Cruwys if you do not wish your child to be photographed. Cruwys Cherubs operate a mobile phone policy and we ask that parents refrain from using their devices on Nursery premises.

We look forward to meeting you, when we will be happy to give you more information regarding Cruwys Cherubs.